Having been held in three different diocese around the United States, Apostles on Mission has touched the lives of hundreds of people, including those involved with the planning and teaching of the program.

We have been proud to host Apostles on Mission for multiple years in the Archdiocese of Washington, and the feedback from young adults has been phenomenal. Young adult participants have grown as leaders, become more deeply committed to missionary discipleship, and gained the intellectual and spiritual tools to be fruitful in their ministry. The peer community learning environment and mentorship relationship are both ideal for the formation of young adults in the 21st century.
— Jonathan Lewis, Archdiocese of Washington
As diocesan director of young adult ministry, I found that Apostles in Mission is the best tool (in English and Spanish) to form young adults to truly be Missionary Disciples and give them the tools to feel confident to live their faith wherever they are, whether through their family, work, university, or parish. It truly helps young adults discern their gifts and put them to the service of their community. The mentorship component is key to this program and creates the space for accompaniment that is so needed for them to flourish.
— Gabriela Karaszewski, Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston
As a Facilitator of the Apostles on Mission program, it was a joy to equip participants with the tools necessary to be missionary disciples in their communities. Apostles on Mission is theological, fruitful, and practical. Participants grow in confidence and knowledge of their faith while also learning how to use their gifts and passions to spread the Gospel. I am excited to see this program continue to revitalize parishes, dioceses and communities.
— Kate Fowler, Catholic Apostolate Center Staff & Facilitator
What I love about Apostles on Mission is the way it unpacks the unique missionary call that each of us have through baptism. There are no “cookie cutter” saints or apostles. Through personalized mentorship and discernment of gifts, combined with a deep dive into the Church’s rich theological tradition on prayer, discernment, pastoral ministry and social teaching, this program helps each participant discover God’s personal call in our world that is so thirsty for the gospel message.
— Meghan Philip, Archdiocese of Washington